Our Team

Nichole Mobley / Owner & Founder

Jacksonville transplant Nichole Mobley is a teacher and builder by nature. As a child, she watched her father create a living for their family in the trucking industry. Nichole has had hands-on experience in the ever-evolving field for over 15 years, known amongst her peers as the “Trucking Professor.” Her expertise has landed her 7 figure success and she is now teaching other people how to create their own empire through mentorships and an up and coming CDL trucking school.


Empowering freedom through education and the simplification of the trucking business.


T&N Xpress is committed to educating and transforming the next generation of trucking and logistics for greater satisfaction, income, and success.


Breaking barriers

T&N Xpress aims to help you break down barriers, whether they’re tangible or not. We want to provide resources to overcome physical limitations while tackling restrictive thinking and conventional approaches.

Catalyzing Success

We want to transform lives for the better. T&N Xpress will collaborate with you to work towards greater satisfaction, income, and success.

Leaving a legacy

T&N Xpress was built from a father’s legacy. Let us help you leave your own. We aim to build this on a foundation of independence, service, and prosperity and abundance for you and your family.

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